Nintendo Switch is an Expensive Game Console

February 7, 2017/ News/

Nintendo Switch is now getting closer to the launching day on March the third, that is considerably more costly than the expectation. If we look back to a couple of months ago before Nintendo announced their new game console, rumors suggested that the new Nintendo game console will be around £200. Finally, after the official announcement about this new console, we can clearly see the high price tag for this ‘hybrid console’ for about £280. It is too expensive for a game console without any games included. Nintendo Switch is also the most expensive console of the company. We can see the history of Nintendo console’s price, where the Nintendo Wii U is only £250. Whereas the price of Nintendo Switch is £280, £30 higher than its predecessor price. Therefore, it is reasonable if we say that Nintendo Switch is an expensive game console.

Additional price for accessories and games

Based on the official announcement from Nintendo, £280 is the price of Nintendo Switch where you will also get the hybrid console, along with the left and right Joy-Con controllers, wrist-straps, the Joy-Con Grip, the Switch Dock, and also HDMI cable and AC adapter. Why we mentioned that Nintendo Switch is an expensive game console because if you wish to get the Nintendo Switch Pro controller, you will need to spend more money to buy it because it will be sold separately. Even, it is only the beginning of being an expensive console. Having a new game console is very exciting, especially if this new game console is Nintendo Switch. Sadly, this new console will lure out your money for purchasing games and other paid apps for the console which is not the fun part of having a new game console.

Nintendo Switch Online Service cost

There is one more critical issue about the price of Nintendo Switch, that is the plan of the company to provide a paid online service for Nintendo Switch that is ready for launch at fall. Soon after Nintendo Switch online service’s trial period is up, there are some online services need a paid subscription. Based on the recent news about this online service, the subscribers will get a free game every month. Then, in the next month, they will have to purchase it if they want to continue playing this free game after that one month period. Take a note that what we want to tell you with the title of Nintendo Switch is an expensive game console is not about the machine is worth the price or not. Nintendo Switch price could be very different for every personal budget, and about what you get for this machine is a different conversation.

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Furthermore, it seems that having Nintendo Switch will give a fleeting sweet moment at the first impression; then it will need your extra budget for its pricey accessories and the other additional fee on the go. So, how do you think? Do you have anything different to share with us here?