Samsung Galaxy S8 Software

February 4, 2017/ News/

Samsung Galaxy S8 is now getting closer to the launch day. For some Galaxy fans, it has been the most awaited smartphone this year. They are so excited about the smartphone. Especially when we are talking about what the new Samsung Galaxy S8 will be. Let’s say that every leak about this new flagship is very much exciting to talk

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What to Do If You Forgot Your iPhone SE Passcode

January 23, 2017/ News/

No one is expecting for a mistake, include to remember the passcode for your iPhone SE. If this unexpected thing happens to you, stop panicking and read this tutorial about what to do if you forgot your iPhone SE passcode. Normally, iPhone SE will be disabled if you enter the wrong passcode six times in a row. When your iPhone

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iPad Pro 2017 Camera and Battery

January 5, 2017/ News/

Toward the release date of iPad Pro 2017, high expectations on the updated iPad Pro is reasonable since the company always gives good quality for their products. Especially for iPad Pro 2017 camera and battery, we may put high expectation on the device to get vast improvement on those two important aspects. Before we start with any possibility to foresee

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iPhone 7, Great Phone From Apple

December 23, 2016/ News/

The iPhone 7 is released by Apple on September 7 announced as the new flagship, along with iPhone 7 Plus. The iPhone 7 differs with regard to the housing not too many of his predecessors, but under the hood are definitely some adjustments. Think of the new Apple A10 Fusion processor and the much-improved graphics chip. By these two new

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Fujifilm GFX 50S Medium Format Camera

December 15, 2016/ News/

Fujifilm has with the announcement of the GFX 50S launched the development of a completely new medium format camera mirror-less system. The Fiji film GFX 50S system camera has a Fujifilm 43.8 x 32, 9 mm image sensor with 51.4 million pixels. The all-new GFX 50S body and six Fujinon GF lenses will become available beginning 2017. The GFX 50S

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Next iPad Come With A10X Chipset

November 22, 2016/ News/

A couple of days ago you had in that in 2017, we could have three new iPad Pro. The family of the Apple tablet would grow with a new model with a 10.1-inch screen, and according to those rumors, all of them integrate Apple processor A10X. This chip A10X would be a version improved of the processor that mounted

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